The Splendid Tulip

Yambol region is located in the southeastern part of the country. The main city of the region is the city of Yambol.


The region was inhabited since the ancient Romans, 8000 years ago. Diospolis, the castle of Roman Emperor Diocletian, was built on the territory of todays' city of Yambol, around 6000 BC. Archeologists claim Yablom to be home to the ancient Thracian settlement of Kabyle, which was the political, religious, and economic center of the Thracians. Today, more than 30 fortresses are found around the village of Kabyle.  


In the area of the Sakar Mountains, Neolithic tombs built from large stone blocks are found. The burial mounds are located in more than 270 ancient villages.


The Splendid Tulip is a rare species of tulip found in the valley of the Tundzha river. It was discovered in 1976, and can only be found in this region of the country. Tulipa splendens are almost extinct because of its difficult reproductive cycle. The plant sometimes needs 7 to 8 years to blossom.


Some of the sights of the region are the Bezisten bazaar, Esky Djamia, the Battle Glory Museum, and Malkoto Kale fortress.


Agriculture is the predominant economic sector of the region.