Rich in salt and coal with a modern airport

The Tuzla Canton's seat is the town of Tuzla and covers the surrounding area of about 2,908 km2. After Sarajevo and Banja Luka, Tuzla is the third largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it is an educational, economic, cultural and health center.

It is located underneath the Majevica mountain range on the Jala River.

There are 6 coal mines, which continue to operate around Tuzla city and are mainly used to power the Tuzla Power Plant, the largest power plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The city is known for salt deposits and it gained its name from them, but extractions in the past caused serious damage to the city structure. It is the only city in Europe that has a salt lake from the ancient dried out Pannonian sea.

It has an international airport and it is also well connected with other parts of Bosnia with a public bus network and trains which run to all capitals in the region.