White marble, cars and water

The Sumadija administrative district is located in the central part of Serbia covering an area of 2,387 km2. The main town is Kragujevac and is also the seat of the district, not to be confused with the larger region also under name Sumadija. The name is derived from Serbian “sume” means ‘forests”, however today this hilly area does not have many forests left.

Sumadija is a popular tourist destination with numerous attractions. Most famous are the World War II Memorial Park Sumarice in Kragujevac and the area around Arandjelovac for the springs of remedial mineral water.

Kragujevac is the home of a giant firm "Fiat Automobili Srbija", the only car producer in Serbia. Arandjelovac is the seat of another giant – naturally carbonized mineral water supplier "Knjaz Milos AD".

The hilly countryside is covered with fruits and vegetables and some vineyards.

From the Vencac mountain around Arandjelovac white marble is exploited. Some parts of the White House in Washington, DC are graced with this stone.


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