Stara Zagora
Modern city raised from the ashes

Stara Zagora is located in the south central part of Bulgaria. It got its name after the city of Stara Zagora - the administrative and industrial center of the region.


The city of Stara Zagora is the administrative center of the region and one of the oldest cities in Europe. Artifacts found in this region are up to 8 millenniums old. A copper mine found 5 miles from the Stara Zagora city is the oldest in Europe, dating back from the 5th century BC.


Stara Zagora (the city) is known for its large straight streets, linden trees and spacious squares. The city got its current layout in the late 19th century, after it was destroyed in the Russian-Turkish Liberation War, when a massive massacre of unarmed civilians took place. Lyubor Bayer, the Czech architect, designed first modern Bulgarian city on the site of the burned down city.


Some of the sights of the region are: the Historical Museum, the Roman baths, the South Gate of Augusta Trajana, and the Opera House.