Central Banat
River Tisa and sunflowers

The Central Banat district is the part of the Pannonia plain in northern Serbia in area of 3,256 km2. The administrative center is the city of Zrenjanin, but covers also Novi Becej, Nova Crnja, Zitiste and Secanj.

Food-processing industry is dominant in Zrenjanin and surrounding area. One of the biggest vegetable oil producers in Serbia “Dijamant” is seated in Zrenjanin but there is diversity of other industries as well.

The name Zrenjanin comes after Zarko Zrenjanin, a communist leader tortured by Nazi. The original name of the city is Beckerek.

Novi Becej, which is located on the banks of river Tisa, offers many tourist attractions and the tourism is the leading branch of economic development.