The Haiduk region

Sliven province was named after the eponymous town, which is the administrative and industrial center of the region. The city of Sliven is known as The City of 100 Voyvodi. Vojvodi were leaders of the Haiduts who fought the Ottomans in the 19th century.


Nature park Sinite Kamani (The Blue Rocks) is famous for the arc-shaped rock named Halkata, who is believed to have magical powers. One of the landmarks of the park is the Zmeevi Dupki cave.


During the Ottoman Empire, Bulgarian revolutionaries were hanged on the branches of city's symbol - The Old Elm. The tree was pronounced European tree of the year in 2014.


The first textile factory in Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire, Dobri Zhelyazkov, was founded in the city of Sliven. The economy of the Sliven region is mostly related to light industry - textile, dairy and wine production. 


Regional stories

Poverty in Balkan Countries
By Sanja Stamenkovic, Jefferson Institute

The poverty rate is the share of households that are below the poverty line which is defined as 60% of the median household income. 

Data shows Macedonia to be the Balkan country with highest percent population living on or below the poverty line (27.1%). Second highest poverty rate belongs to Serbia - 24.6%. Situation in Serbia has reached the point where the ministry od labour and social affairs alarmed that 400,000 children are living in poverty. The...