South Bačka
Serbian cultural roots, finance and energy

The South Backa District is an area in northern Serbia with a total of 4,016 km2. The seat of the District is Novi Sad, the second largest city in the nation after Belgrade and has two urban municipalities itself. There are additional 11 municipalities in the District: Srbobran, Bac, Becej, Vrbas, Backa Palanka, Backi Petrovac , Zabalj, Titel, Temerin, Beocin, Sremski Karlovci.

This large district is has developed industry and agriculture with Novi Sad as the major industrial and financial center in Serbia.

Both the first primary school (in Becej) and the first high school (in Sremski Karlovci) were founded in this District in the 18th century.

Novi Sad is seat of the oldest cultural and scientific institution of Serbia "Matica Srpska".


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