Sweet peppers and chemical industry

The Jablanica district is situated in the south of Serbia and covers an area of 2,769 km2. The administrative center is Leskovac, the unofficial sweet pepper capital. It is the home of several big industry leaders like the producer of pharmaceutical products “Actavis”, and cosmetics leader “Nevena”. 

The district also includes the towns of Bojnik, Lebane, Medvedja, Vlasotince and Crna Trava. There are many cultural and historical monuments in this area, especially from the Roman era.

This area has among the most interesting toponyms as Medvedja derived from "Bear" or Crna Trava meaning "black grass".


Regional stories

Serbian Wine Regions - Negotinska Krajina
By Sanja Stamenkovic, Jefferson Institute

Negotinska Krajina is a region located near the Serbian border with Bulgaria and Romania. The fertile ground of the region is elevated between the 60 and 480 meters. The Danube river flowing along the border, makes this region's climate stable, and also provides more sunshine due to the river's mirror effect. With such favorable conditions it's no surprise this region was known to grow grapes since the ancient times. The region of Bor, where Negotinska Krajina is situated is in the top 3 regions in Serbia by grape production, with more than 30,000 tons of grapes annualy.  

The most...