The tallest statue of the Virgin Mary

Haskovo region is located in the south of the country, bordering Turkey and Greece. It was named after its administrative center, the city of Haskovo.


The city of Haskovo was founded by the Thracians in the 6th century BC. The Thracians named their settlement Marsa and the name stuck until the 18th century.


The Aleksandrovo Tomb is a Thracian burial mound located near the village of Aleksandrovo. The tomb was excavated in 2000, and it consists of a tunnel leading to a round chamber decorated with frescoes. In addition to the Aleksandrovo tomb, the area is dotted by numerous Thracian tombs and sanctuaries.


The Mother of God monument was erected on a hill near Haskovo in 2003. The 32-meter-high monument entered the Guinness Book of Records as the World's highest monument of the Mother of Jesus.


The economy of the region relied on tobacco production for decades. After 2005, a major tobacco company, Haskovo-BT, was closed. Now, the biggest companies are those in the textile and food industry.