Granary of Bulgaria

The Dobrich region is the easternmost region of Bulgaria, bordered by the Black Sea to the east. The administrative center of the region is a city of the same name, and was named after the medieval lord Dobrotitsa.


The Dobrich TV Tower is 146 meters tall, completed in 1979. This tourists point of interest is located near the city of Dobrich, and has an observation deck.


The Balchik Botanical Garden is a part of the University of Sofia. It is home to approximately 3,000 plant species. In the center of its 10 hectares is the Romanian Queen Marie's villa.


Every July, since 2006, the town of Kavarna's city stadium is filled with fans of hard rock and metal music. The Kavarna Rock Fest lasts 3 days, and hosts some of the most famous rock and metal bands in the world.


The most developed branch of the economy is agriculture. Dobrich is sometimes called the Granary of Bulgaria. Despite its well-developed agriculture, GDP per capita is only 69% of the national average. Unemployment in the region is one of the highest in the country. 


Regional stories

Bulgarian Seaside Leading the Patchwork Balkan Tourism Race
By Sanja Stamenkovic, Jefferson Institute

Amongst the many regions of the Patchwork Balkan (NUTS3 regions of Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia) with numerous historical landmarks and major economic impact, Bulgarian seaside regions were the most visited regions by foreigners in 2013. 

Bulgarian coastline is 378 km long. Sandy beaches constitute 130 km of that number. The Balkan Mountains are dividing a coastline into a southern and northern part. The southern part is more popular due to its wide sandy beaches. Two out of four biggest cities in the country are located on the coastline - Burgas and Varna. Besides being tourist destinations, Burgas and Varna are also a major economic centers and seaports. 

Out of three Bulgaria seaside regions - Dobrich, Varna and Burgas, the most visited by the foreigners is Burgas. With more than 6.5 mil nights spent in 2013. Some...