Central Bosnia
Former capitals with cultural heritage and beautiful landscape

The Central Bosnia Canton is located in the center of the country its main city is Travnik.  Some of the other notable cities are Jajce, Gornji Vakuf, Fojnica and some smaller ones in a total area of 3,189 km2.

The main city, Travnik, was the capital of Bosnia 1670-1850 and has much cultural heritage from that period. Today, it is mostly a rural farming and herding area with several big factories. This is the home town of the only Nobel Prize winner from this region, Ivo Andric.

Jajce is another notable city in this canton and sits on the confluence of the rivers Piva and Vrbas. In the 14th century it was capital of the Kingdom of Bosnia. Today its economy is weak but with a rich cultural heritage and beautiful countryside it is a popular local tourist destination. Fishing in waters of Pliva lake and river is especially popular.