Roman remains between coal mines

The Branicevo district sits in the northeast of Serbia. The name is derived from a Slavic tribe that lived in the area called Branicevci and their city Branicevo, which does not exist today. The district covers an area of 3,865 km2.

The town of Pozarevac is the administrative center of the Branicevo district. In the 19th century, it was the second capital for Milos Obrenovic who developed a palace and a stud farm.

Pozarevac is the center of the region's economy with an extraordinary location in between three rivers: the Danube, Great Morava and Mlava. It is the smallest Serbian city with only two municipalities. One of the most important Serbian food industry corporations is located in the city.

In the municipality of Kostolac there are vast remains of an ancient Roman provincial capital and military camp, Viminacium, which is today the major tourist attraction in this area. The remains are surrounded by a thermal electrical plant and coal mines.